Courses taught by Leora Auslander at the University of Chicago

I regularly teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the fields of Modern European History; Modern Jewish History; and Gender History. In addition to these courses which are most often transnational in reach, I also offer courses with a methodological focus, particularly in the area of material culture as well as on theory and history. My teaching in the field of material culture is designed to enable students to both think conceptually about how historical actors have used symbolic systems other than language to generate meaning and how to use non-textual sources to write history. Courses on theory and history may have a thematic focus--most often gender or race--or may provide a broader overview on effective and appropriate uses of theory for historians.

courses taught

Gender History Topics in Modern European Gender History (syllabus) European Gender Theory and History (syllabus) Theories of Class and Gender (syllabus) Gender Studies Praticum (syllabus) The Gendering of Nations and Empires (syllabus) Problems in Gender Studies, II: Capitalism and Desire (syllabus) Capitalism and Feminism in the Late 20th Century (syllabus) Feminist Theory for Historians (syllabus) Nation, Race, and Gender in the Atlantic World, 1890-1930 Fetishism, Gender, Sexuality, and Capitalism (syllabus) Problems in Gender Studies (syllabus) Gender in Europe (syllabus)

French History French Nation, Fall (syllabus) French Nation Seminar (syllabus)

Material Culture Subjectivity, Desire, and Goods Everyday Life in Modern Europe (syllabus) Cultural Revolutions (syllabus) Doing History with Things (syllabus) Everyday Life in the USSR and Western Europe (syllabus) Politics of Commemoration (syllabus)

Jewish History Jewish Life in France and Germany (syllabus) European Jewish History as Minority Culture (syllabus) Jewish History Lecture (syllabus)

Methodology/Theory History and Fiction: Narrative Practices (syllabus) The Self and the Other in Modern Europe Junior Colloquium (syllabus) Politics of Everyday Life (syllabus) Theories and Practices of Everyday Life (syllabus)

European History Europe, 1930 - present (syllabus) Consumption East and West (syllabus) Race, Racism, and Anti-Racist Movements in Modern Europe (syllabus) Colonizations III (syllabus) Religion, Politics, and Civil Society in France, Habsburg Central Europe, and Germany, 1740-1970 (syllabus)

fields for doctoral examination

French History sample reading list #1 (.doc) sample reading list #2 (.doc) sample reading list #3 (.doc) French History Orals list 1 (.doc) French History Orals list 2 (.doc) French History Orals list 3 (.doc) French History Orals list 4 (.doc) French History Orals list 5 (.doc) French History Orals list 6 (.doc) Introduction to Gender Studies: Engendering the Nation/State (.doc)

Modern European History sample reading list #1 (.doc) sample reading list #2 (.doc) sample reading list #3 (.doc) sample reading list #4 (.doc) European History Orals list 1 (.doc) European History Orals list 2 (.doc) European History Orals list 3 (.doc) European History Orals list 4 (.doc) European History Orals list 5 (.doc) European History Orals list 6 (.doc) European History Orals list 7 (.doc) European History Orals list 8 (.doc) European History Orals list 9 (.doc)

Theory sample reading list #1 (.doc)

Modern European Social History

European Gender History Gender History and Theory Thematic (.pdf) Gender History Orals list 1 (.doc)

History of Colonialism Colonialism (.pdf)

Feminist Theory Classic female theory (.pdf) Feminist and Social Theory Orals List (.pdf)

Material Culture Consumption, Leisure, Material culture (.pdf)

Modern Jewish History

Modern European Cultural History

advice to graduate students

Guidelines for AHA Interviews Campus Interviews Choosing a Dissertation Topic Composing a Dissertation Committee Conferences Dissertation Defenses Dissertation Proposals Job Letters Guidelines for Job Talks Orals Preparation Pre-dissertation Archive Trips Dissertation Abstract Proposal Hearings Seminars and Seminar Papers Reading Guide for Graduate Courses

disserations supervized by Leora Auslander

Completed: Elisa Camiscioli, "Immigration as Human Capital: Race, Reproduction, and National Identity in France, 1900-1939." Naomi Davidson, "Un Espoir en Devenir: The Mosquée de Paris and the Creation of French Islams." Currently a Post-Doctoral fellow at the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis. Elizabeth Heath, "Cultivating the Nation, Refining Empire: Wine, Sugar, and Citizenship in the Aude and Guadeloupe, 1880-1910." Currently a Harper Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago. Tom Mix Hill, "Imperial Nomads: Settling Paupers, Proletariats, and Pastoralists in Colonial Algeria, 1830-61." Rochona Majumdar, (co-chair, History and South Asian Languages and Civilizations) "Marriage and Modernity in Colonial Calcutta: Market Relations, Romantic Affect and Gender Politics, c. 1856-1955." Jim Miller, "Reconstructing the Nation in the Regions: State Planners, Immigration and the Crucible of National Modernization in the Moselle, 1947-1962." Ben Nickels, "In Defense of Home: The Unsettlement of the Pieds-Noirs and the Decolonization of Algeria, 1945-1972." Erica Lichtenbaum Peters, "Negotiating Power Through Everyday Practices in French Vietnam, 1880-1924." Diana Snigurowicz, "The Socio-Scientific Construction of 'Monsters' in France, 1780-1914." Gary Wilder (co-chair; History and Anthropology), "Subjects or Citizens? Négritude, Colonialism, and the Nation-State in France, 1928-1960." Revised and published as: The French Imperial Nation-State: Negritude and Colonial Humanism between the Two World Wars (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005).

Current: Venus Bivar, "The Marshall Plan and the Reconstruction of Rural France." Joachim Haeberlen (co-chair with Michael Geyer), "Working Class Milieus under Attack: Struggles between the Left and Right in Leipzig and Lyon, 1929-1936." Anna Friedman Herlihy, "The Permanent Souvenir: Tattoos and Travel from Banks to Barnum." Sara Hume, "Transnational Regionalism: The Practice and Politics of Folk Costume in Alsace, 1871-2007." Yuni Kwon, "Postrevolutionary French Abolitionism and the Memories of the Revolution, 1815-1848" Joshua Large, "The Imperialism of Un-Free Trade: Nineteenth Century British Wine- Trading Enclaves in Oporto, Madeira, and Andalusia." Andrew Sloin, (co-chair with Richard Hellie), "Cultural Revolution in Jewish Minsk, 1905-1929." Erika Vause, "Debt, Credit and Market Culture in the 19th Century" Alexia Yates, "Selling Paris: The Real Estate Market, Urban Nomadism, and Commercial Culture in the Modern Metropolis."

Teaching, Leaora Auslander