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This page contains materials that may be useful for instructors who are teaching from my book Political Economy for Public Policy (Princeton University Press). I am making available both my Beamer/LaTeX files so you can edit (please excuse my hacky LaTeX code) and PDFs for both presentation (i.e., with reveals) and handouts (i.e., without reveals). For each lecture, there is also a zip file with all the figures I used as PDFs. If you put those figures in a directory called "figures" inside the directory you have the LaTeX file in, the LaTeX file will compile.

I hope these notes are helpful. Please contact me if you find any errors or have suggestions.

The book is available from Princeton University Press or Amazon.

Lecture Notes

Game Theory 1: Nash Equilibrium and Strategic-Form Games

Game Theory 2: Subgame Perfection and Extensive-Form Games

Normative Frameworks

Pareto Concepts

Collective Goals (Social Choice)



Commitment Problems

Summing Up Social Dilemmas

Strategic Adjustment

Dynamic Inconsistency

The Need for Information

Influence over Elected Officials

Institutions, Incentives, and Power

Foreign Aid
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