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Why Words And Ci 詞(辭) Are Not The Same (Phonographs vs. Logographs)

鞠城銘 "Inscription on the Football Wall" by Li You (trans. J.Tharsen)

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A Selection of My Favorite Poems by the Great Poets (pdf)
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Current research projects:
"Rhyming and Repetition in the Shanghai Museum Text 'San De' 〈參德〉"
"The 'Kongzi Shilun'〈孔子詩論〉and Early Confucianism"
"Irregularities and Observations of the
Early Chinese yu 魚 -rhyme Group"

中國 古代體育運動與競爭之關係-以西周至東漢為範圍 - Summer 2006 (中文)
"Sport & the 'Competitive Spirit' in Ancient China" - November 2005 (English)
(Forthcoming in "2005 Taiwan Sport & Philosophy Conference" official publication, 2006.)

張愛玲 Essays on Eileen Chang (中文) - Summer 2006
籠鳥的自由- 〈小艾〉與《我知道籠鳥為何歌唱》 比較
小 說拍成電影之得失-以〈紅玫瑰 與白玫瑰〉、〈傾城之戀〉為例
張愛玲是否算是台灣 的作家?

《詩經》 〈溱洧〉與儒家評 論之 影響 - Spring 2006 (中文)

《詩經》〈君子于役〉及〈君 子陽陽〉的析論 - Spring 2006 (中文)

不同古代文字的發展 - Spring 2006 (中文)

何以美式英文沒有 「沒辦法」的觀念 - Spring 2006 (中文)

老外的「台灣化」 - Summer 2006 (中文)

阿成的生活(短篇小說) - Spring 2006 (中文)

世界公民 - Spring 2006 (中文)

"Rhyme, Meter and Cadence in Early Western Zhou Bronze Inscriptions" - Autumn 2003 (English)

"A Study of the Early Etymology and Literary Contexts of the Chinese Character xuán 玄" - Autumn 2001 (English)

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