My research is focuses on 19th and 20th century Russian cultural history, with special emphasis on institutions. Much of my work has been on Tolstoy (as an institution), but I also work on Soviet culture, especially of the period between the two world wars. Additional interests include Russian folksong, multinationalism, cultural tectonics

Current writing projects:

A Readers Companion to War and Peace. Academic Studies Press (2013).
There are a number of wonderful studies of the novel, including landmark works by Victor Shklovsky, Isaiah Berlin, R.F. Christian, and Saul Morson. This book will differ from its predecessors in its genre: it will be a true companion volume, aimed at helping readers navigate and draw meaning from the text. It will be amply illustrated, with a long introductory section discussing translations, historical context, and strategies for reading. A larger section will be made up of chapter-by-chapter explanatory notes and analyses, organized so that readers of any edition can follow along.

Reconstructing Utopia: The Transformation of a Workers’ Paradise into an Elite Resort. Book project (2014)