Published Articles

Mispriority of Information: A Theory of Manipulation, Forthcoming, Journal of Legal Studies (2023) (with Oren Bar-Gill)

Nonparty Interests in Contrat Law, 171 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1095 (2023) (with David Hoffman and Cathy Hwang)

An Information Cost Theory of Default Rules, 88 University of Chicago Law Review 581 (2021) (with Oren Bar-Gill)

Personalized Elder Law (Annual Baum Lecture, University of Illinois), 28 Elder Law Journal 281 (2021)

Data Pollution, 11 Journal of Legal Analysis 104 (2019): Download

Fine Print Subservience (Review of Meirav Furth-Matzkin & Roseanna Sommers, Consumer Psychology and the Problem of Fine Print Fraud, 72 Stan. L. Rev. __ , Visit

The American Law Institute’s Restatement of Consumer Contracts: Reporters’ Introduction,15 European Review of Contract Law 91 (2019) (with Oren Bar-Gill and Florencia Marotta-Wurgler): Download

Personalizing Mandatory Rules in Contract Law, 86 University of Chicago Law Review 255 (2019) (with Ariel Porat): Download

The Restoration Remedy in Private Law, 118 Columbia Law Review 1901 (2018) (with Ariel Porat): Download

The Unfulfilled Promise of Mortgage Disclosures, in THE LAW AND ECONOMICS OF THE SPANISH MORTGAGE MARKET (Gomez & Ganuza, eds., 2018) (in Spanish)

Interpreting Contracts Via Surveys and Experiments, 92 New York University Law Review 1753 (2017) (with Lior Strahilevitz): Download

More Failed Nudges: Evidence of Ineffective "Behaviorally Informed" Disclosures (Review of Seira et al., Are Information Disclosures Effective? Evidence From the Credit Card Market), JOTWELL (August 10, 2017) : Download

Simplification of Privacy Disclosures: An Experimental Test, 45 Journal of Legal Studies S41(2016) (with Adam Chilton): Download

Searching for Precedent: The Quantitative Approach to the Restatement of Consumer Contracts, University of Chicago Law Review (forthcoming, 2017) (with Oren Bar-Gill and Florencia Marrota-Wurgler):

Optimal Defaults in Consumer Markets, 45 Journal of Legal Studies S137 (2016) (with Oren Bar-Gill): Download

Contracting Over Privacy: Introduction, 45 Journal of Legal Studies S1 (2016) (with Lior Strahilevitz): Download

The Paradox of Access Justice, And Its Application to Mandatory Arbitration, 83 University of Chicago Law Review 1755 (2016): Download

Personalizing Negligence Law, 91 NYU Law Review 627 (2016) (with Ariel Porat): Download

The Perverse Effects of Subsidized Weather Insurance, 68 Stanford Law Review 571 (2016) (with Kyle Logue): Download

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The Futility of Cost Benefit Analysis in Financial Regulation, 43 Journal of Legal Studies s253 (2014) (with Carl Schneider): Download

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Regulation Through Boilerplate: An Apologia, 112 Michigan Law Review 883 (2014): Download

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Fixing Unfair Contracts, 63 Stanford L. Rev. 869 (2011): Download

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The Myth of Opportunity to Read in Contract Law, 5 European Review of Contract Law 1 (2009): Download

A Bargaining Power Theory Of Default Rules, Columbia Law Review (2009): Download

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Forward: Symposium on "Boilerplate", in Symposium on “Boilerplate: Foundations of Market Contracts,” 104 Michigan Law Review 821 (2006) :Download

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Legal Durability, 1 Review of Law and Economics, (2005): Download

Forward: "Freedom from Contract" 2004 Wisconsin Law Review 261 (2004): Download

Agreeing to Disagree: Filling Gaps in Deliberately Incomplete Contracts 2004 Wisconsin Law Review 389 (2004): Download

Mutual Assent versus Gradual Ascent: The Debate Over the Right to Retract 152 U. of Pennsylvania Law Review 1947 (2004): Download

Contracts without Consent: Exploring a New Basis for Contractual Liability, 152 U. of Pennsylvania Law Review 1829 (2004) (A symposium on this article appeared in the same issue.): Download

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Informed Courts, Uninformed Individuals, and the Economics of Judicial Hindsight, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Vol. 151, pp. 613 - 630 (1995)


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