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Towards the End of Normative Interpretation of Contracts, JOTWELL (November 2, 2023) (Reviewing David A. Hoffman and Yonathan A. Arbel, Generative Interpretation, 99 N.Y.U L. Rev. __ (forthcoming, 2024): Download

Personalized Law and Social Media, in "Radical Reforms: Bringing Fairness to Social Media Contracts" VerfBlog: Download

Bang for the Buck: How to Compensate Without Money, JOTWELL (Oct 27, 2022) (Reviewing Sadie Blanchard, Nominal Damages As Vindication, 30 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 227 ): Download

Tailored Standard Form Contracts and Inequality, JOTWELL (Nov 2, 2021) (Reviewing Manisha Padi, Contractual Inequality, 120 Mich. L. Rev. (2021): Download

Manipulation By Mislaid Priorities, Oxford Busines Law Blog (June 14, 2021) (with Oren Bar-Gill): Download

Who Should Be Liable When Uber Cars Crash, JOTWELL (June 1, 2020) (Reviewing Omer Y. Pelled, The Proportional Internalization Principle in Private Law, 11 J. Legal Analysis 161): Download

The Elusive Pursuit of Comprehensibility, The Regulatory Review (April 6, 2020) (Reviewing Wendy Wagner, Incomprehensible!, Cambridge 2019): Download

Fine Print Subservience, JOTWELL (July 30, 2019) (Reviewing Meirav Furth-Matzkin & Roseanna Sommers, Consumer Psychology and the Problem of Fine Print Fraud, 72 Stan. L. Rev): Download

Reporters’ Statement Concerning Research Methods, Yale Journal on Regulation Online (March 28, 2019) (with Oren Bar-Gill and Florencia Marotta-Wurgler): Download

Data Driven Contract Interpretation: Discovering “Plain Meaning” Through Quantitative Methods, JOTWELL (June 13, 2018) (Reviewing Stephen C. Mouritsen, Contract Interpretation with Corpus Linguistics): Download

How To Interpret A Contract? Ask Those Who’d Sign It, Law360 (March 21, 2018) (with Lior Strahilevitz, Duo Jiang, Kristina Shampanier and Rebecca Kirk Fair): Download

The Environmentalist Case In Favor Of GMO Food, Forbes (February 26, 2018): Download

Equifax, Strava, And Russian Facebook Ads: How To Hold Websites Accountable For Data Breach, Forbes (February 1, 2018): Download

Consumers Are Suing Apple For Slowing Down Their iPhones. Did Apple Break The Law?, Forbes (December 29, 2017): Download

The Great "Non-GMO" Deception: How To Sell Politically Correct Chocolate Chip Cookies, Forbes (December 8, 2017): Download

Are Uber Drivers Employees? The Answer Will Shape The Sharing Economy, Forbes (November 15, 2017): Download

The Repeal Of Obama's Legacy: A Different Perspective, Forbes (October 28, 2017): Download

Restaurant Hygiene Grading Law Gets A "Fail", Forbes (October 6, 2017): Download

Don't Rebuild The Florida Keys, Forbes (September 13, 2017): Download

How Chicago Can Lure Amazon: Ban Employment Noncompete Agreements, Chicago Tribune (September 12, 2017): Download

Lessons from Hurricane Harvey: Federal Flood Insurance is the Problem, Not the Solution, Forbes (August 30, 2017, with Kyle Logue): Download

More Failed Nudges: Evidence of Ineffective “Behaviorally Informed” Disclosures, JOTWELL (August 10, 2017) (Reviewing Enrique Seira et al., Are Information Disclosures Effective? Evidence From the Credit Card Market, 9 Am. Econ. J.: Econ. Pol'y 277): Download

Let Them Shrink: FAA Should Not Regulate Airline Seat Space, Forbes (August 1, 2017): Download

Teacher Certification Makes Public School Education Worse, Not Better, Forbes (July 21, 2017, with Carl Schneider): Download

How Illinois Courts Are Bankrupting The State, Forbes (July 8, 2017): Download

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  • Veto the Privacy Bill, Chicago Tribune (August 8, 2015) (Download PDF)
  • Love Your Frequent-Flier Program? Let It Go, Bloomberg View (June 13, 2014, with Oren Bar-Gill)
  • Washington Is Encouraging the Next Hurricane Sandy, By Creating New Subsidies for Flood Insurance, Forbes (March 25, 2014)
  • You Need Simpler Choices, Not More Information, CNN Money (October 2009)
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