Current Academic Research Projects

Doctoral Dissertation (2015):
“Chinese Euphonics: Phonetic Patterns, Phonorhetoric and Literary Artistry in Early Chinese Narrative Texts”

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Deriving a Lexical Database from Ancient Glosses: the Jīngdiǎn shìwén 《經典釋文》 and Early Chinese Lexicography

Computational Approaches to Rhetoric and Argumentation in Early Confucianism and Taoism

Sounds of the Gods: Homoioteleuton Ὁμοιοτέλευτον in Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese and Sumerian Ritual

Algorithmic Analyses of the Phonetic System of the Guǎngyùn 《廣韻》 Rhyme Dictionary

Tang Poetics: Computing the 仄 of Du Fu 杜甫

Piánwén 駢文 Parallel Prose Style from the Western Zhou 西周 to the Eastern Han 東漢

From Wu-hu! 「嗚呼」 to Wu-hu ai-zai! 「嗚呼哀哉」 : An Outcry in Early China

Great and Terrible: Yáng 陽 Rhyme Group Words in the Classic of Poetry 《詩經》

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