Current Research

Political Economy

Fire Alarm Fatigue with Zhaotian Luo.

Beyond LATE: Identification of ATEs of Always-Takers and Never-Takers with Arthur Zeyang Yu.

American Trade Policy

America and Trade Liberalization: The Limits of Institutional Reform, with Judith Goldstein International Organization (Spring 2014).

The Limits of Institutional Reform: America, Trade Liberalization and the GATT/WTO, with Judith Goldstein The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism.

Measured Mercantilism: Trade policy and Exporter Interests under the RTAA, with Judith Goldstein.

Politically Constrained Institutional Design

Economic Ideas and Trade Policy, with Judith Goldstein and Glory Liu here

Mismeasured Cooperation: The Trans-Atlantic Origins of Reciprocity in Market Access here.

Negotiation and Anticipation

International agreements are developed iteratively, enabling firms and governments to adjust in anticipation of their onset. Research into the effect of international treaties has focused on the differences in behavior among members and non-members, and within members, before and after the formal adoption of the agreement. My research shows that treaties alter political conditions for nonmembers and pre-members, in addition to structuring societies once ratified. This research program has produced two papers:

Anticipating Exclusion: Chinese Manufacturing Firms and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, with Xiaojun Li here.

Negotiating Exclusion: Regulatory barriers in Preferential Trade Agreements, with Ipek Cinar here.

National Autonomy and Global Firms

The Regulatory Protection and the Concentration of Trade: Evidence from Chinese Customs Data with Xiaojun Li, Wei Lin, and Lizhi Liu here

The Arbitrage Lobby: Consumers, Special Interests, and The Politics of Dual Exchange Rates, with Dorothy Kronick here

Policy Reports

World Trade Report 2012 Trade and public policies: A closer look at non-tariff measures in the 21st century. Geneva: WTO.