Current Research

American Trade Policy

America and Trade Liberalization: The Limits of Institutional Reform, with Judith Goldstein International Organization (Spring 2014).

The Limits of Institutional Reform: America, Trade Liberalization and the GATT/WTO, with Judith Goldstein The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism.

Measured Mercantilism: Trade policy and Exporter Interests under the RTAA, with Judith Goldstein.

Back To School: The role of economic ideas in American trade policymaking, with Judith Goldstein.

Institutional Design

Optimal Delegation in Multilateral Standards Agreements

Political Economy

The Arbitrage Lobby: Consumers, Special Interests, and The Politics of Dual Exchange Rates, with Dorothy Kronick

Domestic Responses to Global Production Diversion: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms, with Xiaojun Li

Policy Reports

World Trade Report 2012 Trade and public policies: A closer look at non-tariff measures in the 21st century. Geneva: WTO.