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MICHAL PAGIS wrote a fabulous dissertation about the process of self-transformation in Vipassana mediation.

NICHOLAS DEMPSEY creatively used Jazz jam sessions to explore how coordination works seemingly spontaneously.

NITZAN SHOSHAN explored the different ways in which one can be “right-wing” in Berlin in a wonderfully nuanced way.

ANNE BARTLETT wrote a pioneering study on the ways in which “domestic” and “foreign” policy boundaries dissolve by working with refugees from Darfour in London.

KARRIN HANSHEW innovatively used the “German Fall” of 1977 (a string of terrorist attacks and government responses) to explore transformatoins in political culture.

RACHEL RINALDO investigated how Indonesian women can mobilize Islamic symbols for emancipatory purposes.

PHAIDRA DAIPHA researched in fine detail the ways in which weather forecasters synthesize diverse sources of information into their forecast.

ARI ADUT wrote the best book on scandal available.