John Brehm's Syllabi

University of Chicago courses:

PS305 Data Analysis (grad)Fall 2002

PS303 American Politics Core Seminar (grad)Winter 2008

Democracy and Social Science I (undergrad)Fall 2005

Maximum Likelihood (grad) Fall 2005

Political Organizations (undergrad) Winter 2006

Public Opinion (undergrad) Winter 2006

Public Opinion (grad) Winter 2006!

Political Psychology (grad) Fall 2007

Duke University courses:

If you have an interest in my adapting any of these courses to the University of Chicago quarter system, please contact me at:

Introduction to Political Analysis (undergrad)

Political Organizations (undergrad)

Communication, Persuasion, and Compliance (undergrad)

Intermediate Statistical Analysis (grad)

Organizations: Institutions and Behavior (grad) Spring 2001

American Politics Core Seminar

Public Opinion (grad)

Political Psychology (grad)