Robert Perlman


Professor Emeritus, Departments of Pediatrics and Pharmacological & Physiological Sciences and the College, University of Chicago; Editor Emeritus, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine.


I am interested in the new field of evolutionary or Darwinian medicine, the integration of evolutionary biology with medicine. Evolutionary concepts provide a framework for understanding why we remain vulnerable to disease, how pathogens and cancer cells evolve in response to medical interventions, and how our biology has been shaped by our ancestors' burden of disease. In addition, evolutionary theory helps us appreciate the origins and significance of human variation. Integration of an evolutionary perspective into medical research may lead to new interventions to prevent, cure, or ameliorate disease. While my focus is on bringing these insights to the medical community, I believe they will also be of interest to non-scientists. 


Book: Evolution and Medicine, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013

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Selected peer-reviewed publications:

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            Subject of a podcast, The Real Father of Precision Medicine Listen

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Other publications:

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Selected professional activities

Faculty Board, Human Rights Program

Advisory Board, Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellows Program

Associate Editor, Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health

Correspondent, The Evolution and Medicine Review