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Out of sympathy for the publishing industry, I'm trying where books are plausibly in print to do Amazon links.  If this stuff isn't working for you let me know; my sympathy is limited.  Unpublished things will be added when I get the change


forthcoming    “Algebraic Structures and Social Processes.”  In Mathematics for Social Sciences and Arts - Algebraic Modeling, edited by Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou, Dragana Martinovic, Melanija Mitrović andPhilippa Pattison.  Berlin:  Springer Nature.

forthcoming    “Heuristics for Discovery.”  In Practicing Sociology: Tacit Knowledge for the Sociological Craft, edited by David Stark.  New York:  Columbia University Press.

forthcoming    (With Maurice Bokanga and Benjamin Rohr:)  “Economic Networks and Political Culture.”  Handbook of Social Network Analysis and Culture, edited by Nick Crossley and Paul Widdop.  Cheltenham: Elgar.

2023 (With Alessandra Lembo and Xiangyu Ma:)  “New Directions in the Sociology of Morality.”  Pp. 3–24 in Handbook of the Sociology of Morality, Volume 2, edited by Steven Hitlin, Aliza Luft, and  Shai M. Dromi.  Cham:  Springer.

2022  “What Should Sociologists Get Out of Pragmatism?”  Pp. 33-59 in The New Pragmatist Sociology: Inquiry, Agency, and Democracy, edited by Christopher Winship, Neil Gross and Isaac Reed.  New York:  Columbia University Press.

2021  (With Hyunku Kwon:)  “Commentary, Festinger, Schachter, and Back’s Social Pressures in Informal Groups” in Personal Networks:  Classic Readings and New Directions in Egocentric Analysis, edited by Mario L. Small, Brea L. Perry, Bernice Pescosolido, and Edward B. Smith.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press.

2021 (With Alessandra Lembo:)  “On the Other Side of Interests.” Pp. 671-692 in Handbook of Classical Sociological Theory, edited by Seth Abrutyn and Omar Lizardo. New York: Springer.

2020 (With Jim Murphy:)  “Networks, Status, and Inequality.”  Pp. 98-115 in Oxford Handbook of Social Networks, edited by Ryan Light and James Moody.

2020 The Authoritarian Personality.”  In Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, edited by George Ritzer and Chris Rojek.

2020 (With Nick Judd:) “Tasks for the Political Sociology of the Next Ten Years.”  Pp. 243-266 in The New Handbook of Political Sociology, edited by Thomas Janoski, Cedric De Leon, Joya Misra, and Isaac William Martin.  New York:  Cambridge.

2019 “Can Carnal Sociology Bring Together Body and Soul?, or, Who’s Afraid of Christian Wolff?”  Pp. 115-136 in the Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Sociology, edited by Wayne Brekhus and Gabriel Ignatow.  New York:  Oxford.

2018  “Bourdieu’s Unlikely Contribution to the Human Sciences.”  Pp. 435-543 in The Oxford Handbook of Pierre Bourdieu, edited by Thomas Medvetz and Jeffrey Sallaz.  New York:  Oxford.

2017 “The Human Condition and the Theory of Action.” Pp. 49 – 74 in The Anthem Companion to Hannah Arendt, edited by Peter Baehr. London: Anthem Press.

2016 “Simmel and Rickert on Aesthetics and Historical Explanation.” Pp. 113 – 148 in Theories of Action and Morality. Perspectives from Philosophy and Social Theory, edited by Mark Alzanuer and José Maria Torralba. Olms Verlag.

2015 (With Ben Merriman.) “A Social Aesthetics as a General Cultural Sociology?” Pp. 132- 148 in International Handbook of Sociology of Sociology of Art and Culture, edited by Laurie Hanquinet and Mike Savage. London: Routledge.

2015 (With Monica Lee.) “Social Structure.” Pp. 713–718 in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd edition, edited by James D. Wright. Volume 22. Oxford: Elsevier.

2015 (With Forest Gregg).  "Was Bourdieu a Field Theorist?"  In Bourdieu's Theory of Social Fields: Concepts and Applications, edited by Mathieu Hilgers and Eric Mangez.  London:  Routledge.

2014 “The Crucial Place of Sexual Judgment for Field Theoretic Inquiries.” Pp. 171- 188 in Sexual Fields: Toward a Sociology of Collective Sexual Life, edited by Adam Isaiah Green. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

2011 “Stranger Danger: A Comment on ‘Strange Music.’ In Bell, Michael M, et al. The Strange Music of Social Life: A Dialogue on Dialogic Sociology. Ann Goetting, ed. Temple University Press.

2011 “Immanuel Kant: A Grammar for the Relation between Cognition and Action.” Pp. 279-288 in Sociological Insights of Great Thinkers, edited by Christofer Edling and Jens Rydgren. Praeger.

2010 (With Monica Lee). “Wie entstehen große sozialen Strukturen?” Pp. 117-136 in Relationale Soziologie: Zur kulturellen Wende der Netzwerkforschung, edited by Jan Fuhse and Sophie Mützel. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag.


Unpublished Conference Papers: I'll get to these soon....

2010 “Secret Plans for Mathematical Sociology REVEALED.” Paper presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association, Atlanta.

2008 “Don’t Bogart that Joint Homomorphic Reduction, or, When You Reduce the Complexity of Social Life to a Bunch of Ones and Zeros, From Where Do You Get the Ones?” Paper presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association, Boston.

2006 “The Dimensionality of Discrete Factor Analyses and the Relations of Some Algebraic Approaches.” Paper presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association, Montreal.

2005 (With James Wiley and Stephen Herschkorn:) “A New Extension of the Binomial Error Model for Responses to Items of Varying Difficulty in Educational Testing and Social Surveys.” Paper presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association, Philadelphia.

2003 “What’s in a Phoneme? Comment on Lieberson’s A Matter of Taste.” Paper presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association, Atlanta.

2003 “What Do We Mean by Meaning? Social Networks, Duality and Culture.” Paper presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association, Atlanta.

1999 “Structural Properties of Power Networks and Subjective Legitimacy.” Paper presented at the 1999 meetings of the American Sociological Association, Chicago.

1997 “Power, Influence, and Cultures of Legitimacy.” Paper presented at the 1997 meetings of the American Sociological Association, Toronto.


Unpublished/able Invited Presentations:

Indiana University (Sociology Department, April 9, 2010), “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver, Being an Answer to Three Questions put to Myself from the Politics, Economy and Culture Workshop.”


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