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The World's Best Free Software

Firefox (the World's best Browser)
Mozilla Suite (Firefox plus E-mail client) (a.k.a. Why Open Source will Forever Prevail)
       Adblock (mozdev)

OpenOffice (a.k.a. "How to fire Microsoft Office")
Skype (Internet Phone)
K-Lite Codec Pack (including WinMedia, Quicktime, Real Alternative)
Trillian (5-Client Chat/IM Interface)
Google Earth (Also see the section in the Travelorium.)
Spybot Search&Destroy (Anti-Virus)
iVisit (Internet Phone and Video)

The Freeware World Team

Chuckles' PicView
Abstract Fonts - 10,000 Free Fonts for download
FileForum -- DVD Utilities & Converters

Linux & Apache

---> The $100 Laptop Which Just Might Save the World
MuLinux Home Site: Small *NIX Systems
Fink Project: Porting Unix software for OS X
Xbox Linux Award & Development Roadmap

VirtualHost Examples - Apache HTTP Server
Debian Administration :: Hosting multiple sites with Apache


Homepage of the Crimson Editor - Programmer's Editor

MinGW Application Wrapper for Windows OS (no installer needed)
Visual MinGW

JavaCoffeeBreak -- Getting started with Java
Java Tutorial by Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath
Java Programming by David J. Eck
Java Tutorials -- Ant | Hibernate | OpenEJB
Dotty Storer's World Time Zones (Java applet)

Java to C++ Tutorial

W3 Schools CSS Tutorial
The W3C CSS Validation Service
W3C -- Cascading Style Sheets
W3C -- Style Sheets in HTML documents
A List Apart: Alternative StyleSheets
Notes on suggesting link styles
onMouseOver Image Effect Tutorial

How Google Traffic Works

Free Hit Counters
HTML Page counters
Free Web Site Content Add-Ons

Windows OS Utilities

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

Notepad2 - Text Editor
Sysinternals Freeware - Excellent Windows OS File and Disk Utilities
FolderInfo Disk analyzer and file builder
Evgeny Software : Advanced CATaloguer, Advanced CATaloguer Pro

Registry Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Tools - Windows Scripting Host Tutorials, Examples and Scripts
Converting DOS Batch Files to Shell Scripts

Creating an Autorun CD
Autorun.inf Commands

Mac to PC File Sharing

Where to Buy & Host  - Computing Prices Comparative Search Engine
GoDaddy Website Hosting & Registration
Midphase Web Hosting
Packet8: VOIP

Free file hosting by

Civilization (is it just a game?)

The Apolyton Civilization Site
Apolyton Civ I Strategy Guide

Civilization IV -- Wikipedia reference
Velociryx's Civilization IV Strategy Guide -- 2nd Edition

Movies, Radio and TV on the Web

vTuner - Radio & TV Live Broadcast Internet Broadcasts Around the World
Google Directory - News > Internet Broadcasts
Web-Radio » Listen to Internet Radio Stations on the Web
(Also see the Rainbow Bridge: Music on the Web section.)
IFILM - Television: Jon Stewart Spins His Crossfire Appearance

Creature Comforts by Nick Park
The Simpsons Archive
Planearium South Park Studio

BBC -- The World

AsiaPlate TV - Live soccer streaming channels | Live match day football radio commentary online

Random Web Madness
ANL's Online Net Speed Test
VRML Links

World Web Cams

About time
Encyclopedia Galactica - Psychohistory - Definition
Welcome to NK News
QDB: 25 Random Quotes About Arbit Adams: Reviews
The Republic of Cascadia
Angry Little Asian Girl
The American Dialect Society
The Princess Bride Script
The Elvish Name Generator
Bush in 30 Seconds
"Electing to Leave" by Harper's
How to sing the blues
Golf in the Land of the Midnight Tee Time - New York Times

Duvel from Brouwerij Moortgat
Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter - In the world of beer the Devil has all the best ales