Chemistry 112

Instructor: Karl Freed

Office: CIS E231

Telephone: X2-7202


Official office hours: MWF 11:30am-12:30pm, but available most of the day. Please telephone before coming to office to make sure I'm in.

Secretary: Pegg Anderson (CIS E121, telephone X2-7126)

Class meetings: MWF 10:30-11:20am, Kent 120

Discussion sessions as assigned. First discussion section begins Thurs., Jan. 8.Students with discussion sections on Mon., Tues., or Wed. have first section during 2nd week. Last day for changing section is Fri., Jan. 9. Time should be alloted for discussing homework problems and for working out additional examples of problems. Come to discussion sections with specific questions. It is even better to submit the questions to the TA in advance of the discussion session.

Texts: D. Oxtoby, H. P. Gillis and Campion, Principles of Modern Chemistry, Sixth Edition

Chem 112 Lab Manual - Available at University Bookstore

Homework: Assignments handed out (usually) on Mondays and due on Mondays of following week. Don't leave the problem sets for the night before! Reading assignement is always to read chapters from which homework problems are taken.

Problem sets will be posted on chalk

Solutions to problem sets will be posted on Chalk. (We don't have enough space on this site.)

Help with homework

TA Open Hours

Help with Units

Help with Signifigant figures

Chemistry Tutors

##To be corrected

Calculator: You will need a calculator capable of doing trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions. If you have to buy one, get one that does simple statistical functions (mean, standard deviation).

Lecture Notes: Copies of each week's lecture notes will be placed on the the Chalk web site roughly each Friday.

Laboratory Manager: Meishan Zhao

Office: Kent 208

Telephone: 702-7065


See Dr. Zhao early in the first week for instructions about signing up for a laboratory section, checking into your laboratory desk, and beginning the first experiment. The first lab section begins Mon., ##, 2009.

Lab Schedule

Please direct questions concerning the laboratory to Dr. Zhao and/or TA and questions concerning the lectures to Prof. Freed and/or TA.

The Chem 112 TAs

Justin Caram , Andrew Fidler , James Hinshaw , Davis Moravec , Bing Sun , Qianqian Tong , Ryan Brown , Graders: Juan-Jose Sanchez-Cortes , Lan Ban ,

Sample Lab Report

Rules, Rules, rules, damn rules

Examinations: There will be three midterms and a two hour final.

First Exam, #####.

Second Exam, #####

Third Exam, #######

You may bring a 8&1/2x11 sheet of paper with material written on one side to any exam

Final DEFINITE: Monday, Mar. 16, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm. You may bring a 8&1/2x11 sheet of paper with material written on one side

Final grade: Will be based on a combination of examination grades with some weight given to homeworks. Don't expect to be able to do well on exams without working through homeworks.

Grading: Homework 5% (but it's worth a lot more!)

Laboratory 35%

Midterm 30% (we drop the lowest; a missed exam counts as a 0)

Final 30%
Reading period: There will be no regular class scheduled for Fri., Mar. 13.

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