Christopher A. Straughn

PhD in Linguistics from the University of Chicago



Evidentiality in Uzbek and Kazakh

Professional Interests

  1. Evidentiality

  2. Complementation

  3. Turkic languages

  4.     Sakha Dictionary

  5.     (Incomplete)

  6. Case & Voice

  7. Incorporation

  8. Argument Structure


  1. Handout on Sakha NI from BLS

  2. Handout on Uzbek Complementation from PLM


The majority of my work focuses on the Turkic languages, although I reference a wide variety of languages in my work on syntax, morphology, and typology.

I am especially interested in the expression of verbal categories, in particular, as they relate to the expression of evidential meaning.  I am also interested in the left periphery as it relates to hierarchies of complementation.

The image above is from Mahmud al-Kashgari’s Dīvān Luğāt at-Turk, an early work of Turkic language studies and one of the first works to describe evidentiality.


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