Leora Auslander, Professor of Modern European Social History, University of Chicago

Currently professor of Modern European Social History, and a member of the Center for Jewish Studies and the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at the University of Chicago, my research and teaching interests are in the fields of material culture, memory and commemorative practices, gender history and theory, the history and theory of the everyday, of race, of citizenship and the nation, and Jewish history. The primary national focus of my research is modern France, but I have found myself intrigued by research problems best treated transnationally. My most recent book, Cultural Revolutions, is a study of Britain, North America and France.  My current manuscript, Strangers at Home, stays on the European continent but is a comparative analysis of Paris and Berlin in the twentieth century.  Two further book projects, Commemorating Death, Obscuring Life? The Conundrums of Memorialization and Race and Racism in the Twentieth Century Atlantic World (with Tom Holt) are again transcontinental.  Finally, I maintain an active interest in the history of European colonialism, and I write on post-colonial Europe.
Curriculum Vitae, 2012

Leora Auslander, Gender Studies, Jewish History, Modern France