John A. Lucy
William Benton Professor

Department of Comparative Human Development, of Psychology, and in the College
Associate Faculty, Department of Anthropology and Center for Latin American Studies

Research Interests
Using cross-cultural and developmental perspectives to explore the interface among the symbolic structures we call language, culture, and self; the impact of grammatical diversity on thought and the particular importance of metalinguistic capabilities in human social interaction; the role of language in the development of conceptual thought and self during middle childhood; languages and cultures of the Mayan peoples. 
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Contact Information

           Email:                                              Phone: 773-702-3517 / Fax:  773-702-0320
           Mailing Address:                                                                Office:
           Department of Comparative Human Development             Department of Comparative Human Development
           Social Sciences Research Building, Room 103                   Rosenwald Hall, Room 318G
           1126 E. 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637                              1101 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

Summer 2015:
LSA Institute Course (July)
Language Variation & Thought

Fieldwork, Yucatan (Aug-Sept)

Last updated 1 July 2015