Language Myths and Realities. Undergraduate elective. (with Jason Merchant, Chris Kennedy).

Seminar on Syntax-semantics. Issues on Greek syntax-semantics. Graduate seminar. Winter 2007.

Graduate Research Seminar. Professsionalization course. Spring 2005. Winter 2007.

Seminar on formal semantics-pragmatics: focus particles and presupposition. Graduate seminar. Dept. of Linguistics.  Fall 2003.

Semantics 2: Issues in the syntax-semantics interface. Graduate course. Dept. of Linguistics. Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Fall 2003. Spring 2005. Spring 2006. Spring 2007.


Semantics/Pragmatics. (Under)graduate course. Dept. of Linguistics. Winter 2002. Winter 2003. Winter 2004.


Tense and Aspect. Graduate seminar. Dept. of Linguistics. Fall 2001.


Seminar on Formal Semantics: Issues in Polarity sensitivity. Dept. Of Linguistics,  Fall 2005.


Mind II. Undergraduate Core course. The College. Winter 2006.

Language and the Human. Undergraduate Core course (Humanities 17000). The College. Fall 2007.