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  • Carlos Cisneros (2017) "Anti-episodicity as a General Constraint on even just" Implicatures or domain restriction/domain widening? Theoretical and experimental approaches (IoD), Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, June 19-20.
  • Carlos Cisneros (2016) "Definiteness in Cuevas Mixtec" Definiteness Across Languages Workshop (DAL), Mexico City, June 22-24.
  • Carlos Cisneros (2015) "El numeral flotante guaymí no es adjetivo" XIV Simposio Internacional de Comunicación Social, Centro de Lingüística Aplicada, Santiago de Cuba, January 19-23.
  • Carlos Cisneros (2015) "Two analyses of floating numerals in Guaymí" Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA), Portland, January 8-11.

Current Projects

  • Free Choice from Indiscriminacy:
    My dissertation develops an account of the semantics of free choice indefinites as consisting of two key ingredients: reference to the bottom value of a scale, and an implicature that results in free choice readings on a variety of items. The implicature itself is proposed as "minimal sufficiency evaluation", a comparison of scalar alternatives in the sufficiency of their scalar value for satisfaction of a predicate. This conception of the ingredients to free choice meaning allows for a reassessment of how indefinite classes across languages are derivationally associated with free choice indefinites. Krifka (1995) style polarity sensitive indefinites may be licensed under negation as NPIs or licensed by minimal sufficiency evaluation as free choice indefinites. Indisriminatives are similar to the above, only adding a built in exhaustive reading that only changes its interpretation under negation, not under minimal sufficiency evaluation.
  • The Polarity Sensitivity of even just:
    The English string even just is a polarity sensitive item with distribution similar to any. It is licensed by negation and modals and does not occur in positive episodic statements. This project proposes an analysis of even just which has that its polarity sensitivity be a product of the meaning composition of its component words. To accomplish this, I assume a semantics of focus-sensitive particles propose by David Beaver and colleagues.
  • Washo Documentation Project:
    I have had some involvement in the documentation of the Washo language spoken around the Lake Tahoe region of California and Nevada. The language is critically endangered, with all native speakers being elders. The project is spearheaded by Dr. Alan Yu. Washo is currently described as a language isolate.
  • Quantifier Float in Chibchan:
    Many Panamanian Chibchan languages demonstrate a very prominent form of quantifier float, whereby numerals and even indefinites may float. This project sets out to formulate a syntactic analysis of Chibchan QFloat through the example of Guaymí (aka Ngäbe, Ngäbere) and Buglere (aka Buglé). The project involves actual fieldwork in Panamá.
  • Mixtec Language Course:
    I'm involved in the creation of a Mixtec language course for a non-profit org in Fresno, CA. I've been writing up a lesson plan, and training native speakers to teach the more popular orthographic system to adults and children. The worksite is the Centro Binacional, and the current teacher is trilingual rapper Miguel Villegas (aka Una Isu, Bolígrafo).