The Honorable Professor

Christian K. Wedemeyer


Hello. I am Christian Wedemeyer; and this is my new(ish) web page. Here you can learn about the various things that interest me: my children, the study of Buddhism, Green politics, beer and mead brewing, coffee roasting, and others.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

(Parts of this version of the site are works in progress. Please bear with us as we try to improve it, slowly by surely.)


“What is reported of men, whether it be true or false, may play as large a part in their lives, and above all in their destiny, as the things they do.”

    V. Hugo, Les Misérables

“For, truly, the man who does not know when to die [for the sake of truth and society], does not know how to live.

  J. Ruskin, Unto This Last

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