About Me

I was born in Utah. When I was six years old my father's construction business brought my family to southern New York, where he grew up. We stayed there for eight years and thoroughly enjoyed our time on the east coast.  In the early 1990s the housing industry slowed in New York and boomed in Utah, so my father moved his business back and we remained there during my high school years.

After high school, I entered Brigham Young University with a woodshop scholarship.  At the age of 19, I took a two-year break from my studies for volunteer service in the southern Mexican states of Puebla and Tlaxcala.  

After returning to BYU,  I met my wife, Danielle, who grew up in an Air Force family that spent time in Europe, the Pacific and various parts of the US. I also changed my major, graduating  in 2005 with a double B.A. in Economics and Spanish Translation. 

I completed my Ph.D. in economics at the University of Iowa in 2010.  After living on the east coast and in the Rocky Mountains, it has been fun to experience the American heartland as well. While in Iowa, I got into the local pastime of cycling for exercise.

My other hobbies are woodworking, roller/ice hockey, hanging out with my three kids and cooking with my wife. During our time in Iowa, we engaged in extensive R&D in apple-pie and cinnamon-roll technology.


The top picture to the right was taken on the day I had a run-in with the Galactic Empire.  I'm smiling in the picture because little did my captor know that my friend Justin Goodson was standing by with superior knowledge of the force (bottom right).  These pictures were taken in 2007 at the anual Trekfest in Riverside, Iowa, the official future hometown of James T. Kirk, captain of the starship USS Enterprise.