Yanping Tu

Ph. D. Candidate in Marketing

(2015, expected)

Booth School of Business,

University of Chicago



Research Interests:


I am broadly interested in consumer behavior, including consumption decision, goal pursuit, and judgement and evaluation.





Ongoing Work

Manuscript under Review


Goal Pursuit

Tu, Yanping and Dilip Soman, "Getting Things Done: The Categorization of Time and its Role in Task Initiation," revision and resubmission, Journal of Consumer Research.


Working Papers


Consumption Decision

Coordinated Consumption (with Ayelet Fishbach)

I will Follow What You said, but Not What You Did (with Ayelet Fishbach)

Does a Teaser Always Tease? (with Chris Hsee)


Judgment and Evaluation

Approach Aversion (with Chris Hsee)


Completed Work

Zhang, Ying and Yanping Tu (2011), "The Impact of Associative Strength on Performance in Goal Pursuit," Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 47(6), 1088-1095.


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