Tamara Vardomskaya

Ph.D Candidate in Linguistics
University of Chicago

The neck bones in the back are those of Corythosaurus causarius, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada. Nothing to do with linguistics, but it's one of my favourite hadrosaurs.

Email: vardomskayat@uchicago.edu

Mailing Address: University of Chicago Department of Linguistics
1115 E. 58th Street
Chicago, IL, USA, 60637

Office: Rosenwald 229

Please feel free to email me to request conference presentation slides or to discuss my research.

Research Interests


Semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, morphology-syntax-semantics interface


Subjectivity and predicates of personal taste, aspect, evidentiality

Currently on hiatus:

Language acquisition, bilingualism, Romance, Slavic, computational linguistics, case and agreement, conjunction, configurationality



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Edited Volumes:

Proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society. Aparicio, H., G. Flinn, K. Franich, A. Pietraszko and T. Vardomskaya, eds. 2015.