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Vishal Ahuja

Ph. D. Candidate, Business (Operations Management) | Email: | LinkedIn

I am a PhD Candidate in Operations Management at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and plan to graduate in 2013. I am also affiliated with the following organizations:

Research Interests

    Health Care Operations Management, Bayesian Learning Models, Markov Decision Process, Empirical Operations, Energy, Policy analysis.

    My research deals with developing decision analytic tools that can be easily implemented by healthcare professionals to improve patient health, advance the quality of care and enhance the efficiency of delivery of care. The tools can also be used to generate policy insights and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various policies in improving patient outcomes. My research is motivated by questions that are relevant to policymakers and practitioners and I collaborate with researchers from universities and government organizations. While I am primarily interested in healthcare related applications, I also do research related to the energy sector.


Ahuja, V. and J. R. Birge (2012), "Fully Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials: Simultaneous Learning from Multiple Patients" Under revision.
  • WINNER, INFORMS Pierskalla Award for the Best Paper in Healthcare, 2012.
  • Featured in Chicago Booth Magazine, Winter 2013 Edition.
  • Semifinalist, INFORMS Innovation in Analytics Award, 2012. A video recording is available here.
  • Finalist, Lee B. Lusted Student Prize Competition, SMDM, 2012.
  • Invited for presentation at Health Care SIG, MSOM, 2012.

Ahuja, V., J. R. Birge, E. S. Huang, M.-W. Sohn, and C. Syverson, (2013), "Information Diffusion and Physician Learning: Evidence from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs." In preparation.

Ahuja, V., J. R. Birge and C. T. Ryan (2013), "Approximation Methods for Determining Optimal Allocations in Adaptive Clinical Trials." Work in progress.