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Please realize I, Edouard Brooks, am scanning these in the hopes of allowing others to enjoy the tremoloa's original documents, future research, and methods. My goal is to expand the repertoire and reputation of the instrument; I do not mean to infringe on any Copyrights. If I have violated any, please contact me immediately and I will take them down as soon as possible. Thank you!


  1. tremoloa (plural tremoloas) IPA: /ˈtreɪmoʊloʊwə/
  2. tremolist (performer) IPA: /ˈtreɪmoʊlɪst/
A minor issue that I've encountered is how exactly to pronounce the instruments name. Acknowledging the fact it was made to emulate the Hawaiian steel guitar sounds, I turn towards its Italian root "tremolo" and Hawaiian phonology: [ˈtreːmolo] and Hawaiian "oa" [owə] (as in Loa). (Note: as this is in English, I will use [oʊ] instead of [o]. Similarly, [eː] becomes [eɪ]) Hence, tremoloa would be pronounced as [ˈtreɪmoʊloʊwə] with plural [ˈtreɪmoʊloʊwəs] (tremoloas). Further, I propose adopting the conventions of violist and cellist: a tremoloa performer would be a tremolist [ˈtreɪmoʊlɪst].

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