Sneha Elizabeth Popley
University of Chicago, 1100 E 58th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
Email : sneha.e.popley{at}
Phone : (814) 317-6342


Sneha Popley graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago in March 2014. She obtained a bachelors degree in Computer Science and Math from Texas Christian University (Fort Worth) in May 2010.


Twelf Wiki
POP Seminar
UPenn Research: Summer 2008
FROG Recognizer of Gestures

Master's Thesis

My advisor was David MacQueen, and, in my thesis, we critiqued type classes in Haskell. Type classes provide a more generalized form of operator overloading in Haskell. Dave introduced modular program components in SML, and, with his insights, we evaluated how type classes behave in a stronger modular system (that Haskell does not have.) It was a neat project that involved reading technical type theory papers, and, then, implementing the theory in code examples to understand its utility. My thesis is available for download here.

Teaching at UChicago

I TA-ed Introduction to CS in C and Scheme for a good chunk of my four years at UChicago. I led lab sessions every week in which I would introduce and solve a short programming problem in two hours. I worked hands-on with students, explaining recursion, pointers, hashtables, and other basic CS concepts to even non-CS majors.


In summer 2010, I worked on the new version of Messages (released Nov 2010). I ensured that special characters and images from emails were parsed and displayed in Messages. My project was not backend or frontend, it was in between the two components, so I had to constantly collaborate with engineers from the backend and frontend to ensure my code interacted with the existing infrastructure correctly.

Internship at Carnegie Mellon University

In summer 09, I was a Research Assistant at the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University. My project involved working with Dr. Jonathan Aldrich and Rob Simmons to formalize SASyLF in LF. In spring 10, I continued to work on this project (as my Honors thesis) remotely from Texas Christian University. My other committee members include Dr. J. Richard Rinewalt, Dr. Antonio Sanchez, and Dr. Rhonda Hatcher. You can read more about this project here.

Internship at the University of Pennsylvania

In summer 08, I interned at the Programming Languages Department at the University of Pennsylvania through the Computing Research Association - Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates (CRA-DREU). I collaborated with Dr. Stephanie Weirich to analyze dependent types in Coq through Binary Search trees. My weekly journal and final report is here.


Short Resume (pdf)
github (w/ some projects I've worked on in my spare time)


S.Popley, J. Aldrich, R. Simmons. "Formalization of SASyLF", TCU Student Research Symposium, 2010. (People's Choice Award) (pdf)
J.Alvord, A. Grosso, J. Marquez, S. Popley, P. Stromberg, F. Wesner. "FROG Recognizer of Gestures", TCU Student Research Symposium, 2010. (Best Poster in Computer Science & People's Choice Award) (pdf)
S. Popley, A. Sanchez. "Integration of Texture and Shape Algorithms with Face Recognition using Eigenvectors." TCU Science and Research Symposium, 2009. (pdf)
S. Popley, A. Sanchez. "Shape-Based Face Recognition in Images." TCU Science and Research Symposium, 2008. (pdf)


S. Popley, S. Weirich. "Analysis of Dependent Types in Coq through the Deletion of the Largest Node of a Binary Search Tree." 2008. (pdf)
S. Popley, J. Aldrich. "Formalization of SASyLF." 2010.(pdf)
S. Popley, D. MacQueen, J. Reppy, A. Shaw. "Modules and the Global Environment in Type Classes." 2014. (pdf)
S. Popley, L. Spice. "Mathematical Proof and Computer Science." 2010. (pdf)


S. Popley. "Formalization of SASyLF." TCU Honors Week 2010. (pdf)
     A 15-minute presentation designed to be accessible to a general liberal arts audience.
     Awarded Boller Award for Best TCU Honors Presentation


In my spare time, I run (completed the 2013 Chicago marathon), travel, volunteer, collect stamps, watch birds, and sit by fountains. My travel map is below:

I was selected as an Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholar in 2010 (after being a finalist in 2009). In 2009, the few days at Google headquarters in San Francisco were almost unreal as I learned about new innovations and opportunities Google. I also got to speak with Chad Hurley, the founder of Youtube, as well as interact with other Googlers.

In 2012, as the youngest member of the UChicago Orientation Planning committee, I suggested a new schedule with more interactive sessions and local vendors. That year we saw a 30% increase in attendance to orientation sessions. My proposed schedule is still in effect.

I'm also one of the youngest members of the TCU Honors Advisory committee in which I help plan and implement endeavors to benefit current Honors students and alumni.

Feb 14,2013