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Shannon Lee Dawdy's Research



New Orleans, Louisiana, has been the epicenter of my research since 1994, although I have also followed historic travelers in the Gulf region to Cuba and eastern Mexico. While my interests and preoccupations include colonial theory, materiality, temporality, and gender and sexuality, and my methods have included the archival and the ethnographic, it is the archaeological dimension of my research that demands a public outlet. I have been extraordinarily fortunate in having had the opportunity and the support to excavate some of the most significant historic sites in New Orleans's French Quarter. I have also benefitted from the support of wonderful collaborators, both individuals and institutions.

This research portal summarizes and shares the results of the major archaeological projects I have directed over the last 20 years, providing summaries and links to technical reports and related publications. It is a site that I hope will be perpetually 'under construction.' As of this writing, students in the Historical Archaeology Lab at the University of Chicago are completing analysis of material excavated from Ursuline Convent in the summer of 2011. In the future we will add pages on new ethnographic and archival projects.