Sunday, February 23, 2003

About Ruthie
Ruthie is a senior at the University of Chicago. She likes puppies and babies and going barefoot all year long. Ruthie's life is best characterized as a series of short-lived, intense obsessions. Ruthie has at various times been called a stalker, but she prefers the more friendly term, "curious," since she stalks not only people, but interests, dreams and ideas. Ruthie's Top Secret Diary is probably the longest sustained project of her life. In it she records her daily activities and thoughts. Sometimes she tries to be funny. Occasionally she tries to be profound. All in all it's pretty mundane stuff, but Ruthie likes it and other people seem to like it too. Ruthie likes the idea of having fans, so if you want to make her happy, go ahead and send her fanmail.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

100 Things About Me
I'm going to try to think of 100 things to tell about myself. 100 is a lot, so I'll just keep on adding things as I think of them.
1.) I am from Minnesota
2.) I have a preternatural fondness for the word "super"
3.) I am a vegetarian
4.) However, I will eat fish that I catch myself. I enjoy fishing and am good at it.
5.) I don't own a car or possess a drivers' license
6.) I have two brothers and two sisters.
7.) People often express surprise that I have two brothers and two sisters, possibly because I rarely speak of them, or because I come off as an only child
8.) I am an English major at the University of Chicago
9.) I like writing: weblog entries, letters, emails, stories
10.) I do not like writing: papers for class
11.) I exaggerate
12.) I can be obsessive
13.) I can be sensitive
14.) I can be slow on the uptake
15.) I am five foot seven
16.) My favorite color is red
17.) I have no qualms about wearing the same outfit two days in a row
18.) I have more boy friends than girl friends
19.) Even though I am in a sorority
20.) A boy (named Jon Hersh) once called my sorority affiliation "a deal breaker."
21.) I have travelled abroad to Israel, France, England, Mexico, and Canada.
22.) Hablo Espanol
23.) I am Jewish
24.) I don't do many Jewish things, whatever that means.
25.) I have one piercing in each ear and one in my tongue.
26.) I like to ride my bike
27.) I live in Chicago
28.) I am in love with Chicago.
29.) I am 21 years old
30.) I hate fighting
31.) I studied creative writing for two years at Minnesota Center for Arts Education, Arts High School
32.) I lived in the dorm at the Arts High School and was an RA in there.
33.) I am now an RA in the Shoreland dorm at the University of Chicago.
34.) I was home-schooled for three years, 8th, 9th and 10th grades.
35.) Those home-schooling years changed me a lot, some good ways and some not-so-good ways
36.) I work as a nanny for a 15 month old baby
37.) I am teaching Drew, the baby, American Sign Language. He uses over 25 unique signs and comprehends many more.
38.) I am reasonably competent in ASL.
39.) I am not particularly hip.
40.) My mom is a doctor and delivered several of my best friends from home.
41.) My dad owns a canoe outfitter in Northeastern Minnesota
42.) My parents are divorced and both are remarried.
43.) I do not much like going home.
44.) I am competent with power tools
45.) I am competent with a sewing machine
45.) I love to cook and bake
46.) I knit
47.) I am good with hair
48.) I am easily embarrassed
49.) I have been to live taping of the Oprah show three times, and to the Jenny Jones show once.
50.) I am an infamous procrastinator.
51.) My favorite foods include cheap Indian food, inauthentic Mexican, and macaroni and cheese.
52.) I cannot handle criticism
53.) I am don't mind being drooled on.
54.) My belly-button is permanently closed-for-business.
55.) I rate holding a sleeping child in my arms as one of the most beautiful and uplifting experiences out there.
56.) Lucky me, I get to rock Drew to sleep almost daily.
57.) I know how to tap dance
58.) I can lift and carry a canoe like nobody's business
59.) I am good with knots
60.) I am the most ticklish person I know
61.) I don't like bananas one bit.
62.) I'd rather be hot than cold
63.) I swim in Lake Michigan in the summer with my mouth open.
64.) Longest I've ever spent in the wilderness at one shot: 14 days
65.) Longest I've ever spent out of the US at one shot: 7 weeks in Israel, 1999.
66.) I rarely wear a hat, gloves, or socks. Even in the snow.
67.) I blister very easily
68.) I'm fascinated by blisters, little windows in my skin, I and like to watch them heal.
69.) I don't smoke
70.) My all-time favorite alcoholic beverage is cider
71.) I once dated an Israeli soldier named Yaniv.
72.) I can't stand being around people who are arguing.
73.) I have rules for my dorm room: No throwing. No physics. No eating on the bed. No drinking over the computer. No screaming.
74.) Someone once told me that I was the bravest person she knew.
75.) I am often shy.
76.) I have had my heart broken, once.
77.) I am a feminist, pro-choice, anti-death penalty, anti-war, born and bred democrat.
78.) Snobs bother me.
79.) I think being "too cool" is a crime.
80.) At any given time, I am nursing somewhere between ten and a hundred secret little crushes.
81.) I check my email obsessively.
82.) I refuse to suck up to anyone, for any reason.
83.) I am stubborn
84.) "It seemed like a good idea at the time..." is my hallmark, and a possible name for a future autobiography.
85.) I have had many anthems. In highschool, my anthem was Dylan's "Just Like a Woman".
86.) My favorite poets are Margaret Atwood, Sylvia Plath, and Bob Dylan.
87.) My favorite book is Toni Morrison's Beloved
88.) My powers of self-delusion are truly impressive.
89.) I have no idea what I want to do for a career. My grandparents want me to be a writer, my dad wants me to be an editor, my mom wants me to be a dermatologist and I just want to sleep. Oh, and travel too.
90.) I love live music
91.) My favorite flowers are daffodils and lilacs
92.) I'm a hopeless romantic, you're just hopeless.
93.) I don't type with my fingers on home row, but I type wicked fast nonetheless.
94.) I'm hungry right now.
95.) I don't drink coffee
96.) I get a sick little thrill out of shopping at drugstores for useless products I don't need and won't use.
97.) I am easily amused.
98.) I like the smell of gasoline.
99.) I am Minnesota Nice.
100.) I defy expectations.

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