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Race, Class, Politics and Family Life

The Web site of Raymond T. Smith

Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago.

This web site is a repository of materials that deal with the relationship among economic, political, and domestic relations in complex societies where class and race are salient, including the United States, Guyana, Jamaica and other societies of the Caribbean.  It contains research data and theoretical discussion of the matrifocal family and the social policy issues generated by that concept as well as analysis of colonial societies and their successor states.

The site also contains as full an account as possible of the various research projects in which I am, or have been, engaged, as well as a brief biography and a comprehensive bibliography of published works.  It also makes available the complete text of two books that were originally published many years ago.

The research projects can be grouped roughly into Caribbean research; research on American kinship; and ethnographic study carried out as part of the University of Chicago Family Life and Urban Poverty Project.   I taught in Ghana for three years, carried out some research there, and have had a long-term interest in West Africa, but that is not significantly represented here.

In May of 1999 I obtained permission from the publishers to post the whole text of a book that resulted from my first field research, (in the early 1950s), in the then British Guiana.  Over the next several years I intend to annotate this text with hyperlinks to subsequent research, to discussions and controversies over theory, and to comparative material, thus creating an experiment in electronic publishing that can possibly be extended to other works.  In July 1999 both Oxford University Press and the Royal Institute of International Affairs gave permission for my book, British Guiana (originally published in 1962) to be included here.  Again, it is my intention to amplify the material on Guyanese politics contained in that book as previously restricted materials are released by the British and United States governments.

Finally, there is information on how to contact me by mail, e-mail or telephone, along with instructions for obtaining access to research materials which are available only to persons engaged in specific research and who are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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