maxdip ( A program for estimating rho (4Nr), a crossing-over parameter, and f (= g/r) a gene conversion parameter using a maximum composite likelihood method (Hudson, 2001)

This directory has source code and documentation for the program "maxdip". The composite approach is described in:
Hudson, R. R. (2001) Two-locus sampling distributions and their application. Genetics 159: 1805-1817.

Full documentation is in the file readme_dip. This file and the source files are the archive, maxdip.tar.
Download this file and type "tar xvf maxdip.tar", then type "cd maxdipdir", then type "./clmaxdip" and "./clexdip" and you should be
ready to go. (One also needs the tables of two-site configuration probabilities. These can be found here )
One types "./maxdip" (without arguments) to get a summary of the usage.

  • readme_dip
  • maxdip.tar