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Department of History
The University of Chicago

Spring 2001


This course focuses on the origins and development of monasticism as one of the central institutions of medieval Europe. Problems to be addressed include the appeal of asceticism in late antique society, the role of the monasteries in the collapse and preservation of European civilization, the social, economic, and political impact of Benedictine monasticism on the development of western Europe, and the progressive reforms of this institution from Benedict to Francis.


1. The primary requirement for this course is attendance in class and participation in discussion of the assigned readings. To help you prepare for the discussions and to give me some indication of how you are reading, I would like you over the course of the quarter to type and turn in at least eight comments on the texts read for the day at the beginning of class on the day on which we discuss those texts. These comments should address questions that occurred to you in the course of your reading (e.g. about the problems you had understanding the text, about things that surprised you in the text, about issues or particulars about which you would like to know more having read the text). These typed comments should be no more than a page each. Together they will constitute 20% of your final grade.

2. A textual analysis on a reading of your choice to be turned in on Wednesday, April 25. This essay will constitute 35% of your final grade.

3. A final exam to be handed out on Wednesday, May 30, and due in my office by 5pm on Wednesday, June 6. This exam will constitute 45% of your final grade.


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March 26 Introduction

March 28 Life in the Desert
*Athanasius of Alexandria, "Life of St. Anthony of Egypt," cc. Introduction, 1-15, 44-56, 58, 65-71, 83-94, in Medieval Hagiography: An Anthology, ed. Thomas Head (New York, 2000), 7-30. Also available in Athanasius, The Life of Antony and The Letter to Marcellinus, trans. Robert C. Gregg, The Classics of Western Spirituality (New York, 1980), 29-43, 64-75, 78-83, 91-99.

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April 2 Greek Fathers
*Basil of Caesarea, "The Long Rules," in Saint Basil: Ascetical Works, trans. Sister M. Monica Wagner, The Fathers of the Church 9 (New York, 1950), 223-337.
*Evagrius Ponticus, The Praktikos, trans. John E. Bamberger, Cistercian Studies Series 4 (Spencer, MA, 1970), 12-42.

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April 4 Latin Fathers
*Jerome, "Letter 22 to Eustochium," in The Letters of St. Jerome, trans. Charles C. Mierow, Ancient Christian Writers 33 (London, 1963), 134-79.
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April 9 Unceasing Prayer
*John Cassian, Conferences 1, 9, 10 and 18, trans. Luibheid, 37-59, 101-40, 183-201.
*_________, Institutes, Books 2-3, trans. Boniface Ramsey, Ancient Christian Writers 58 (New York, 2000), 35-48, 57-68.

April 11 A little rule for beginners
*Benedict, "Rule for Monasteries," in RB1980: The Rule of St. Benedict in Latin and English with Notes, ed. Timothy Fry (Collegeville, Minnesota, 1981), 156-297.
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April 16 Early Medieval
*Eigil, "The Life of Saint Sturm," in Soldiers of Christ: Saints and Saints' Lives from Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, eds. Thomas F.X. Noble and Thomas Head (University Park, PA, 1995), 166-87.
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April 18 Imperial Benedictines
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*Rudolf, "The Life of St. Leoba," in Soldiers of Christ, eds. Noble and Head, 257-77.
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April 23 Tenth-century Foundations
*William of Aquitaine, "Foundation Charter of Cluny," in Readings in Medieval History, ed. Geary, 304-6.
*Charters of the Grossi Family, in Readings in Medieval History, ed. Geary, 306-10.
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April 25 Opus Dei
*Psalms (Vulgate numbering) 3, 94; 59-61, 65, 67-72; 66, 50, 1Samuel 2:1-10, 148-50; 9b, 10, 11; 119-127; 134-137; 4, 90, 133.
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April 30 The New Hermits
*Peter Damian, "Life of St. Romuald of Ravenna," in Medieval Hagiography, ed. Head, 297-316.
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May 2 Sisters in Christ
*Heloise, Letter 5, and Peter Abelard, Letters 6 and 7, in Letters, trans. Radice, 159-269.

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May 7 The New Desert
*Bernard of Clairvaux, The Steps of Humility and Pride and The Book on Loving God, trans. Pennington and Walton, 25-82, 91-132.

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May 9 Prayer
*William of St. Thierry, "On Contemplating God" and "Prayer," in The Works of William of St Thierry I, trans. Sister Penelope, Cistercian Fathers Series 3 (Kalamazoo, 1977), 36-64, 71-74.
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May 14 Life in a Monastic Community
*Jocelin of Brakelond, Chronicle of the Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds, trans. Greenway and Sayers.

May 16 Naked Following the Naked Christ
*Francis, "The Earlier Rule," "The Later Rule," and "The Canticle of the Creatures," in Francis of Assisi, eds. Armstrong, Hellmann and Short, 63-86, 99-106, 113-14.
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May 21 Dogs of Christ
*Canonization Process of St. Dominic, in Readings in Medieval History, ed. Geary, 455-66.
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May 23 Brides of Christ
*Gertrude the Great of Helfta, Spiritual Exercises, trans. Lewis and Lewis, 21-146.

Lawrence, Medieval Monasticism, 279-94.


May 30 Conclusion (slides and music)

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