Rachel Fulton Brown

Associate Professor of History

The University of Chicago


Ph. D. dissertation committees




·      Charles King, “The Living and the Dead: Ancient Roman Conceptions of the Afterlife.”  Department of History.



·      Constance M. Furey, “In the School of God: Religious Epistemology and Intellectual Identity in Pre-Tridentine Italy.”  The Divinity School.



·      Paul Robinson, "'Lord, Teach Us to Pray': Preaching the Pater Noster in Germany and Austria, 1100-1500."  Department of History.



·      Robin Anne O’Sullivan, “Model, Mirror, and Memorial: Imitation of the Passion and the Annihilation of the Imagination in Angela da Foligno’s Liber and Marguerite Porete’s Mirouer des simples âmes.”  The Divinity School.


·      Anthony Perron, “Rome and Lund, 1178-1274: A Study in the Church History of a Medieval Fringe.”  Department of History.



·      Glenn Joseph Kumhera, “Making Peace in Medieval Siena: Instruments of Peace, 1280-1400.”  Department of History.


·      Ruma Niyogi, “Gender, Politics, and Rhetoric in Byzantium, 1025-1081.”  Department of History.


·      Sara Margaret Ritchey, “Spiritual Arborescene: The Meaning of Trees in Late Medieval Devotion.”  Department of History.



·      Sean James Gilsdorf, “Interventus: The Politics and Ideology of Intercession in the Early Middle Ages.”  Department of History.



·      Michael Alan Anderson, “Symbols of Saints: Theology, Ritual, and Kinship in Music for John the Baptist and St. Anne, 1175-1563.”  Department of Music.



·      Daniel K. Gullo, “Eremitic Reform at Fifteenth-Century Montserrat.”  Department of History.



·      N. Scott Johnson, “Franciscan Passions: Missions to the Muslims, Desire for Martyrdom and Institutional Identity in the Later Middle Ages.”  The Divinity School.



·      Emanuela Carney, “Enselmino da Montebelluna’s ‘Plainte de la Vierge.’  The Literary Tradition of Italian Vernacular Laments of the Virgin from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century.”  Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. 



·      Elayne Oliphant, “Signs of an Unmarked Faith: Visions of Catholicism, Secularism, and Islam in Paris.”  Department of Anthropology. 



·      Keith Alderson, “Das Bild des Akermannes.”  Department of Germanic Studies.


·      Hisatsugu Kusabu, "Comnenian Orthodoxy and Byzantine Heresiology in the Twelfth Century: A Study of the Panoplia Dogmatica of Euthymios Zigabenos.”  Department of History.



·      Brad Bowman.  “The Status of Christian Monasteries in the Early Islamic Period.”  Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.


·      Torsten Edstam, “From Twelfth-Century Renaissance to Fifteenth-Century Reform: The Reception of Hugh of St. Victor in the Later Middle Ages.”  Department of History.


·      James Jacobson Maisels, “The Self and Self-Transformation in R. Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira, The Piaseczner Rebbe.”  Center for Jewish Studies.


·      Jeremy Thompson, “The Role of Lupus of Ferrières in the Ninth-Century Predestination Controversy.”  Department of History.



·      Christopher Fletcher, “'Understand, Delight, and Obey': Religious Thought and the Letter Form, c. 1030-c. 1200.”  Department of History.


·      Leonidas Pittos, “Sacredly Praising, Sacredly Narrating: The Theological Imperative in the Thought of St. Gregory Palamas.”  Department of History.



·      Michelle Urberg, “Music in the Devotional Lives of the Birgittine Brothers and Sisters at Vadstena Abbey (c. 1373-1545).”  Department of Music.


·      Daniel Yingst, "Towers in the Mud: An Examination of Honorius Augustodunensis's Work Through the Lens of Pedagogy."  History of Christianity, The Divinity School.

·      Cara Jean Aspesi, “The Breviary of Lucca, Biblioteca Arcivescovile, MS 5: The Use of the Cathedral of Tyre.” Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame.


·      Robert Porwoll, “Parisian Pedagogies: The Educational Debates of Peter Abelard, Hugh of Saint-Victor, Peter Lombard, and John of Salisbury."  History of Christianity, The Divinity School.


In progress


·      Jennifer Timmons, “Venenum Bibit: The Theological Vocabulary of Poison in the Middle Ages." Department of History (Proposal accepted Spring 2014).


·      Felix Szabo, “Servants of the Lord: Eunuchs in Middle Byzantine Christianity (843-1204 CE)," Department of History (Proposal accepted Spring 2017).


·      Gabriel Torretta, O.P. "'Beautiful as the Moon': Discourses of Beauty in the Carolingian Era," History of Christianity, The Divinity School (Proposal accepted Spring 2021).


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