Peter David Smits




2017-2012 PhD Evolutionary Biology, Committee on Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago, USA

2012-2010 MSc (First Class Honours) Biological Sciences, School of Biological Sciences, Monash University, Australia.

2010-2006 BS Biology Ecology and Evolution, University of Washington, USA.


Peter D Smits. How macroecology affects macroevolution: the interplay between extinction intensity and trait-dependent extinction in brachiopods. In Prep. github repo.

Peter D Smits, Kenneth D Angielczyk, James F Parham, Bryan Stuart. Supervised learning approaches to classifying morphological variation: assessing taxonomic hypotheses for the Pacific Pond Turtle (Emys marmorata). In Prep.

Stewart M Edie, Peter D Smits, David Jablonski. Probabilistic models of species discovery and biodiversity comparisons. In Press

Peter D Smits. Expected time-invariant effects of biological traits on mammal species duration. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(42):13015–13020, 2015. link. github repo. DOI.

Liliana M Davalos, Paul M Velazco, Omar M Warsi, Peter D Smits, Nancy B Simmons. Integrating Incomplete Fossils by Isolating Conflicting Signal in Saturated and Non-Independent Morphological Characters. Systematic Biology, 63(4):582-600, 2014. link.

Christopher W Walmsley, Peter D Smits, Michelle R Quayle, Matthew R Mc-Curry, Heather S Richard, Christopher C. Oldfield, Stephen Wroe, Phillip D Clausen, and Colin R McHenry. Why the fong face? The mechanics of mandibular symphysis proportions in crocodiles. PLoS ONE, 8(1):e53873, January 2013. link.

Peter D Smits and Alistair R Evans. Functional constraints on tooth morphology in carnivorous mammals. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 12(1):146, August 2012. link. commentary by P David Polly.

Gregory P Wilson, Alistair R Evans, Ian J Corfe, Peter D Smits, Mikael Fortelius, and Jukka Jernvall. Adaptive radiation of multituberculate mammals before the extinction of dinosaurs. Nature, 483:457-460, 2012. link. NYTimes.

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Peter D Smits. Quantifying phenotypic constraint and integration in morphological character data. Master's thesis, Monash University, 2012

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PLoS One, Systematic Biology

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