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Office:                        122 Pick Hall

Phone:                        (773) 702-3268

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Core Seminar: International Order and Security

(INRE 43000)

Autumn Quarter, 2020



Online Resources:


Jack S. Levy's Theories of War and Peace

    This 137-page syllabus represents perhaps the most comprehensive map of the international security literature currently available. I am grateful to Professor Levy for his generous permission to post the syllabus. Additional useful materials can be found at his academic website.


The Web of Science

    This invaluable online resource allows you to traverse up and down citation networks with ease, from a given published starting point, to facilitate your own research efforts.


Theory Talks

    This useful website provides probing interviews of several dozen top scholars of international relations, including many that will be prominently featured in our seminar.


Foreign Policy Magazine Online

    An excellent resource for international news where significant current and ongoing events are presented and processed in near real-time by a large cast of very smart commentators.


The Monkey Cage

    A compelling blog run by a team of political science professors with a wide range of substantive specialities. An excellent place to track ongoing intellectual and policy conversations across the discipline.


The Duck of Minerva

    An engaging international relations-focused blog where one gets the chance to hear from some (relatively) younger voices in the field. A great place to follow the inner-workings of academic IR, both substantively and bureaucratically.