Linguistics 20400/30400: Syntax 1

Fall 2005



  1. Feature structures
  2. Selection
  3. Transitivity
  4. Subject-object asymmetries
  5. Applicatives
  6. Impersonal passives
  7. Unaccusativity
  8. Russian genitive of negation
  9. Some definitions
  10. Ergativity
  11. Antipassives


  1. Graduate student homework on formalization
  2. Homework on case types


Study aids

  1. A model homework on copulas
  2. A sample derivation, courtesy of Jon Cihlar (caveat: this uses slightly different assumptions about feature structures [namely, that Infl:Past on T is an INFL, not CAT feature], but the general structure of how to do a complete derivation is the same)
  3. Study guide for the final