Caitlin A Meadows

PhD Candidate

The University of Chicago

Department of the Geophysical Sciences


Advisor: Susan Kidwell



  • Examine the response of communities to large changes in climate variability, focusing on the last 150 years in the Pacific Arctic marine shelf, bivalve ecology, and sea ice extent and concentration
  • Reconstruct benthic climate and ecology of the Pacific Arctic of the last 150 years, using ecologic survey data, death assemblages, and museum archives paired with long records of sea ice extent and concentration
  • Assess the reliability of High-Latitude marine molluscan death assemblages using both biomass and abundance data, and samples spread across transitioning Arctic to Subarctic regions
  • Develop methods to estimate biomass and secondary productivity in the fossil record using skeletal mass
  • Examining the persistence of shell carbonate in modern cold-water seabeds using imaging (light microscope, SEM, BSD, XRD) to examine changes in preserved shell microstructure



Research Goals:

I aim to investigate secondary productivity in the fossil record and strive to understand how the physical and chemical environment shape marine ecosystems now and in the past. I am interested in investigating how changes in climate affect ecosystems,  what shapes the latitudinal gradient in secondary productivity, and what is the structure of ancient ecosystems


Upcoming Meetings and Travel:

Distributed Biologic Observatory Data Meeting at NOAA PMEL, Seattle, WA


Alaskan Marine Science Symposium, 2020, Anchorage, AK

Poster 165, Tuesday, Jan. 28, 6-7:30 PM,

High-Latitude Benthic Bivalve Biomass and Recent Climate Change: Testing the Power of Live-Dead Discordance in the Pacific Arctic


News and Announcements:

Alaskan seashells reveal a changing Arctic:

Meadows et al., 2019. Deep Sea Research: Part II


Henry Hinds Laboratory, 285

5734 S. Ellis Ave

Chicago, IL 60637