Community Response to Climate Variability During Warming and Steady Conditions in The last 200 years in the North Pacific Arctic


Chapter 0: Fossil biomass


Chapter 1: High Latitude Death Assemblages as Archives of Ecologic Information

A. Do Arctic death assemblages represent a faithful reconstruction of the living molluscan communities?

B. Can death assemblages detect community changes from human induced climate changes?

C. What is the temporal resolution of these assemblages (median and maximum shell ages)?


Chapter 2: Creating a 150-Year History of Benthic Climate in The North Pacific Arctic

A. What is the relationship between seasonal sea ice fluctuations and sea floor climate?

B. What is the history of alternative anthropogenic impact in the N Pacific Arctic?


Chapter 3: Community Response to Climate Variability

A. How has benthic community composition in the N Bering and Chukchi Seas changed with shifts in climate variability over the last 150 years?

B. To what extent and in what ways do community stability, and structure change with changes in climate variability and mean climate state?


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