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Lussier Research Group @ DOM, UCCRC, UC, MAGNET-National Center

Research on Phenotypes, Phenomes and Datasets Integration
The Lussier Research Group conducts research in the emerging field of phenomics, using computation to model phenotypes, integrate genomic with phenotypic datasets, and analyze phenomes in order to accurately individualize the understanding, the prediction, and the treatment of diseases. [more]

Modeling Phenotypes for comparative biology is our first focus. We design methods to automate the processes of integration, organization, visualization and datamining of non-molecular phenotypic data and knowledge. [more]

Comparative Phenomics, understanding phenotypic-genotypic interactions , is the second major focus of our research group. [more]

Integrating Biomedical Datasets across heterogeneous and semi-structured databases is our third complementary focus. [more]

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Yves A. Lussier, M.D. [Bio. Sketch]
- Director,Center for Biomedical Informatics, DOM ,
- Associate Professor,Department o Medicine, , The University of Chicago
- Associate Director,UC Cancer Research Center
- Member, MAGNET Nationa Researchl Center for Multisclae Analysis of Genomic and Cellular Netwqorks[MAGNET].
5841 South Maryland Ave, AMB N660B, Mail Code 6091 Chicago, IL 60637 USA * tel: 773 834-0743 * fax: 773 702 2567
E-mail: lussier@uchicago.edu
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