1. (2020) "Policy changes and child blood lead levels by age 2 for children born in Illinois 2001-2014" (with Ali Abbasi and Bridget Pals). Forthcoming at American Journal of Public Health. (link).

Working papers

Lead Poisoning: Consequences and Prevention Policy
  1. (2020) "Hassles and Environmental Health Screenings: Evidence from Lead Tests in Illinois" (pdf). Submitted.

  2. (2020) "The Price and Allocation Effects of Targeted Mandates: Evidence from Lead Hazards" (pdf). R&R at Journal of Urban Economics.

    Previous title: "The Price of a Safe Home: Lead Abatement Mandates and the Housing Market"

  3. (2020) "The Spillover Effects of Pollution: How Exposure to Lead Affects Everyone in the Classroom" (with Claudia Persico and Sandra Spirovska) (pdf). Submitted.

  4. (2020) "Infrastructure Upgrades and Lead Exposure: Do Cities Face Trade-Offs When Replacing Water Mains?" (with Jennifer Heissel) (pdf). Submitted.

Effects of Regulation on Firms and Households
  1. (2020) "Enforcement and Deterrence with Certain Detection: An Experiment in Water Conservation Policy" (with Oliver Browne, Michael Greenstone, and Olga Rostapshova). Draft coming soon.

    New technologies are poised to transform regulatory enforcement by automating costly inspections and driving violation detection rates to 100%. We conduct a randomized field experiment to evaluate the adoption of smart meters for enforcing outdoor water-use regulations in a major US city facing water shortage. We randomize 88,905 households into 12 groups varying enforcement methods (automated or visual inspection) and fine levels. Automated enforcement decreases water use by 3% and violations by 17%. However, due to imperfect deterrence, fines increase by 13,800% and customer service calls increase by 545%, leading to backlash that might make maximum enforcement politically untenable.

  2. (2020) "Do Conservation Policies Work? Evidence from Residential Water Use" (with Oliver Browne and Michael Greenstone). (pdf).

  3. (2019) "Collective Reputation in Trade: Evidence from the Chinese Dairy Industry" (with Jie Bai and Yukun Wang) (pdf). NBER WP 26283. R&R at The Review of Economics and Statistics.

Other Work
  1. (2019) "Turnout in Concurrent Elections: Theory and Evidence from Italy" (with Enrico Cantoni) (pdf). Submitted.

  2. (2018) "Inequality in Job Accessibility via Transit in US Cities" (pdf). In Divided Cities (OECD).

  3. (2016) "Lead Policies, Lead Poisoning, and Government Spending" (pdf). Dormant.

Research in Progress

Lead Poisoning: Consequences and Prevention Policy
  1. "The Impact of Lead-Safe Housing Regulations on Lead Poisoning and the Housing Market" (with Steve Billings, Michael Greenstone, and Kevin Schnepel)

  2. "Lead Poisoning and Housing Instability" (with Winnie van Dijk)

  3. "Comparing Universal and Targeted Screening for Childhood Lead Poisoning using Machine Learning" (with Ali Abbasi and Bridget Pals)

Effects of Regulation on Firms and Households
  1. "Using Remote Sensing to Reduce Vehicle Emissions in California" (with Fiona Burlig, Michael Greenstone, and Olga Rostapshova)

    Particulate matter (PM) air pollution presents a substantial threat to human health. The transportation sector, particularly the heavy duty trucking industry, is a major contributor to PM. Yet, enforcing vehicle emissions regulations has proven prohibitively costly. We use new remote sensing technology to detect high emitters at greatly reduced cost. We leverage these data in a randomized trial to determine the impact of remote monitoring on regulatory compliance. Partnering with CARB, we randomly assign high-emitting trucks in California to receive letters that (1) inform fleet owners their vehicle is likely in violation of emissions standards, and (2) specify a penalty for failing to comply.

  2. "Using Satellite Data to Track and Regulate Oil and Gas Methane Emissions in Colorado" (with Thomas Covert, Michael Greenstone, and Olga Rostapshova)

  3. "Do Nudges Improve Firms' Compliance with Environmental Regulations?" (with Michael Greenstone)

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