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I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Jablonski lab at the University of Chicago, studying the macroevolution of the marine Bivalvia.

What are the biological and environmental controls on animal form?

Which forms succeed in their environment and what happens to them when their environments change?

How do animals move between niches?

How can we identify animals at risk of extinction?

How can we appropriately compare disparate but related forms?

I study molluscan form through time in an effort to answer these questions. I also work on the taxonomy and evolution of the bivalve family Crassatellidae.

I work in all kinds of places: museum collections, the micro-CT lab at Uchicago, and sometimes out in the field, collecting fossil specimens.

I’m always happy to talk molluscs: you can get hold of me by Twitter (linked above) or by email (listed in my CV).

Neotrigonia margaritacea (Field Museum collection)