peet klecha
hi there. my name is peet klecha and i'm a linguist. currently i'm a visiting assistant professor at ohio state university. i received my phd from university of chicago in 2014. my dissertation was on the semantics of scalarity and modality in natural language; my adviser is chris kennedy. from 2004 to 2007 i attended michigan state university, where i got my b.a. in linguistics. my adviser was marcin morzycki. i spent fall semester of 2011 at the linguistics department at the university of massachussetts, amherst as a visiting student.

my research is on natural language semantics, pragmatics, and syntax. i mostly focus on the interpretation of modal expressions in natural language, like might, should, and likely. my dissertation is on the various ways modal expressions can have scalar behavior, including, but not limited to, gradable modality. i also work on interactions of modality and temporality, and recently have been working on the semantics of tense and aspect independent of modality. i also work on dynamic semantics, gradability and imprecision,

my languages of study include english and luganda, a bantu language. i am particularly interested in underreported and/or non-standard aspects of english. i'm very interested in exploring different methodologies for investigating natural language semantics and syntax, including experimental studies, corpus studies, and fieldwork.

this is my academic website. for a more concise summary of my research and experience see my curriculum vitae. to contact me, send me an email at: [my last name] at ling dot osu dot edu, or just come find me and talk to me in person. ~updated october 2014