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Juliana Schroeder

Juliana Schroeder

Doctoral Student


Biography: Juliana Schroeder is a Ph.D. student in the joint program of Behavioral Science and Social
Psychology at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She has her B.A. in Economics and
Psychology from the University of Virginia and an M.A. in Psychology and Statistics from the University
of Chicago. Before starting her Ph.D., Juliana worked as an economics and litigation consultant at
Cornerstone Research. Juliana's academic honors include receiving a National Science Foundation Graduate
Research Fellowship, membership to Phi Beta Kappa, and receiving the 2014 Best Paper Award from the
Midwestern Psychology Association.


Research Interests: I research the motivational antecedents and psychological consequences of
dehumanization and objectification. In one line of work, I identify factors such as communication medium that
can affect dehumanization during political and social conflict, both in the laboratory and through longitudinal
field research of groups with histories of violent conflict. In a second line, I research affective benefits of
forming novel social connections with previously objectified strangers and how to remove the barriers to forming
such connections, for example through rituals that can reduce interpersonal anxiety. Finally, I also study how
instrumentality can cause objectification, even of those in high power positions such as doctors and managers.


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