Padgett NSF Proposal (2014) blog (=synopsis of chap 1) (2013)

Introduction for Redes (2011)

Autocatalysis in Chemistry and the Origin of Life (2011)

Padgett & Powell Table of Contents (2011)

From Chemical to Social Networks (2011)

Country as Global Market: Netherlands, Calvinism and the Joint-stock Company (2011)

SSHA review of Stinchcombe's How Formality Works (2010)

The Politics of Communist Economic Reform: Soviet Union and China (2010)

Conflict Displacement and Dual Inclusion in the Construction of Germany (2010)

The Problem of Emergence (2010)

The Emergence of Corporate Merchant-Banks in Dugento Tuscany (2009)

Economic Production as Chemistry II (2008)

Organizational Genesis in Florentine History: Four Multiple-network Processes (2006)

Economic Credit and Elite Transformation in Renaissance Florence (2006)

Organizational Invention and Elite Transformation: The Birth of Partnership Systems in Renaissance Florence (2005)

2004 SFI Proposal of Padgett et al. to NSF program on Human and Social Dynamics

Early Partnerships Memo (2005)

Modeling Florentine Republicanism (2000)

Multiple Networks and Multiple Discourses (1998)

Marriage and Elite Structures in Renaissance Florence: 1282–1500 (1994) updated with graphs