Theory and Applications of Numerical Algebraic Geometry (Special Session #62)


Main Conference: Joint Mathematics Meetings January 4-7, 2017 (Wed-Sat).

Location: Hyatt Regency Atlanta and Marriott Atlanta Marquis, Atlanta, GA.

Our session: All talks are Thursday January 5 between 8-10:50 and 1-3:50 (Room: International 4, International Level, Marriott Marquis Atlanta).

Numerical algebraic geometry uses numerical methods to compute algebraic varieties. Using such operations as slicing, homotopy continuation, monodromy, and deflation, one can compute such things as positive dimensional varieties, zero dimensional solution sets, and singularities. This session features speakers on advances in the theory of the field, as well as its applications throughout math, science, and industry. Applications which have driven the development of the field have included chemical and biological reaction networks, robotics and kinematics, algebraic statistics, and tropical geometry.

Schedule: (Reservations for a dinner will be made).

08:00 Dan Bates, Colorado State University: Tuning of tolerances in polynomial homotopy continuation.

08:30 Daniel Brake, University of Notre Dame: Regularizing closed cells of numerical real decompositions.

09:00 Jeb Collins, West Texas A&M University: Improving solutions to fully nonlinear second order elliptic PDEs with numerical algebraic geometry endgame techniques.

09:30 Heather Harrington, Mathematical Institute University of Oxford: Topological data analysis of real algebraic varieties.

10:00 Break for discussions

10:30 Jonathan D. Hauenstein, University of Notre Dame: Computing the real equilibrium points of the standard Kuramoto model.

11:00 Robert Krone, Queen's University: The degree of the special orthogonal group.

11:30 Anton Leykin, Georgia Tech: Solving polynomial systems via homotopy continuation and monodromy.


01:00 Diego Cifuentes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Sampling algebraic varieties for sum of squares optimization.

01:30 Ruth Davidson, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign: SVDquartets and Numerical Algebraic Geometry.

02:00 Jose Israel Rodriguez, University of Chicago: Numerical algebraic geometry in econometrics and the GMM degree.

02:30 Sara Shirinkam, University of Texas at San Antonio: Numerical algebraic geometry for identifying the number of components in Gaussian Mixture Models.

03:00 Frank Sottile, Texas A&M University: Trace test.

03:30 Li Wang, University of Illinois at Chicago: Geometric measure of entanglement of symmetric d-qubits is polynomial-time computable


Daniel Brake, University of Notre Dame.

Robert Krone, Queen's University.

Jose Israel Rodriguez, University of Chicago.

Important information for speakers

1. Blackboards or whiteboards will not be available, but the room will be equipped with a computer projection system and screen (but not a computer).

2. The rules of AMS do not allow a Speaker to present the same talk in multiple Special Sessions at this conference. List of other special sessions.

3. Talks will be 18-20 minutes followed by 10-minute breaks (At 18 minutes, a signal will be given if desired).

4. Abstracts are kindly encouraged to be submitted here soon after accepting the invitation (Thank you for submiting your abstracts!).

5. The Special Session number is 62.

6. All participants, including speakers and organizers, must register for the meeting and pay the registration fee.

7. Housing reservation information can be found here.

Additional Numerical AG Workday

On January 8 (Sunday, the day after the JMM concludes) there will be a numerical algebraic geometry workday at Georgia Tech organized by Dani Brake together with Dan Bates and Anton Leykin.

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