Non-Academic Stuff About Me

I'm originally from New York City, but I promise it's not the first thing I bring up in conversation. But yes, I talk fast, I walk fast, and I will tell you about how superior our pizza and bagels are if you give me an opening. When I'm not doing linguistics, you can find me distance running, trying the latest Chicago restaurants, and talking about/drinking/concocting recipes for bubble tea. My own recipe for Hong Kong-style milk tea (perfected after many years of trial and error and strong enough to replace your morning coffee) is available below.

Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago Homemade strawberry matcha bubble tea (look at those layers!!) My cat Dalton, who is basically perfect
When the circus came through Yakutsk (Republic of Sakha, Russia)


3 heaping teaspoons of a full-bodied Indian black tea (e.g., Assam or Ceylon)
6 oz near-boiling (98/99 degrees C) water
2 oz full fat canned evaporated milk (e.g., Carnation brand, NOT sweetened condensed milk)
Sweetener to taste (I recommend 2 Tbsp brown sugar)
Pint glass 3/4 of the way full with ice

In a teapot, steep the tea in your near-boiling water for 10 minutes. Add your sweetener during the steeping process or at the very end, while the water is still hot, to ensure that it dissolves. Note that this is a pretty bitter brew, so I do recommend some sweetener unless you enjoy the taste of straight, strong tea. Once steeped, immediately pour the tea over the pint glass with ice and pour the evaporated milk on top. Stir gently to combine and melt the ice. (You should still have some pieces of ice left in the end.) These are the proportions that work for me but feel free to experiment with the amounts of milk and sweetener. I do not recommend changing the amount of tea at the beginning: you can always water down the end result (or dilute it with more milk), but you'll want to extract that rich malty tea flavor.