Here is a good LaTeX tutorial on the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering website.  I like this tutorial because it allows you to search for LaTeX help by subject or by the particular LaTeX command or environment which interests you.

The Wikibook on LaTeX has links to code for sample LaTeX documents.

This link is for a list of LaTeX fonts.


In October I attended a live seminar by The MathWorks on speeding up MATLAB and on  parallel computing in MATLAB.  Here are the slides and demo files presented in the seminar.

Another fantastic resource related to computation in economics is the Institute on Computational Economics, which I attended in 2008. A listing of their program, with links on various related topics can be found HERE.

Economics Reference

Here is a list of various economics teaching/reference materials at MIT's Economics Open Courseware website.

Some other great teaching/reference material for microeconomics can be found on Patrick Bajari's web site, Paul Klemperer's web site, or Paul Milgrom's web site. Al Roth's web site is also a great resource. by Wolfram is my favorite math reference web site.