Kreitman Lab
Bin HE
2006 - present    Ph.D candidate, 
                            Department of Ecology and Evolution
                            University of Chicago
2002 - 2006         BS in biology, Peking University
I’m broadly interested in evolutionary changes within and between species that create all the diversity we see today.  I approach the question from studying DNA sequence level differences by comparing closely-related species as well as different individuals from the same species.  Then I try to understand the evolutionary forces behind the sequence changes, so as to distinguish functional divergence from neutral changes.  At the next level, the question of how sequence level changes lead to functional level differences can be studied either based on known biology between sequence and function for a particular element or through novel experiments.

Currently I’m working on Transcription Factor Binding Sites (TFBS) evolution. 

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Ph.D student
Ecology and Evolution
University of Chicago
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