30202 Syntactic Analysis 2

Greg Kobele; email
Time and location
TR 1:30PM-2:50PM, Harper Memorial Library 151

This course, the second in the two quarter graduate sequence, is a hands-on introduction to syntactic analysis based on traditional A-bar movement phenomena (wh-movement, relativization, etc). The focus will be on writing precise grammar fragments. This has a three-fold purpose. First, there's really no substitute for getting your hands dirty with data analysis, either for understanding the data, or the theory. Second, the only way to use the fruits of syntactic labors in other areas (semantics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, etc) is to have a completely worked out analysis. Finally, writing implementable analyses often exposes subtle problems which end up being of fundamental importance.

Class Material

Schedule Lecture schedule
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Course Information

Lectures TR 1:30-2:50, Harper 151
Office Hours by appointment
Grading 33% Homework, 33% Participation, 34% Final.
Homework Will be assigned regularly, and should be turned in before the next class meeting. Please to use LaTeX (why?) (where?).
Exams A final paper will be due at the end of finals week.

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