58600: Seminar in Computational Linguistics

Greg Kobele; email
Time and location
M 3:00PM-5:50PM, Wieboldt 230

This course is a hands on seminar on parsing minimalist grammars. Students will be exposed to cutting edge ideas on the relation between grammar and parser. While the emphasis is on understanding the nature of parsing, some attention will be paid both to connections with psycholinguistic data, and to implementation (whence the hands oniness) in Haskell.

Class Material

Schedule Lecture schedule
Syllabus The class syllabus
Resources Other course resources

Course Information

Lectures M 3:00-5:50, Wieboldt 230
Office Hours by appointment
Grading 20% Homework, 40% Participation, 40% Final project.
Homework Will be assigned roughly once per week, and should be turned in before the next class meeting. Please to use LaTeX (why?) (where?).
Exams A final paper will be due at the end of finals week.

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