21010/31010 Mathematical Foundations of Linguistics

Time and location
TR 1:30PM-2:50PM, Cobb 106

The bread and butter of linguistics is the description of linguistic regularities. In order to properly understand, evaluate, and compare descriptions one needs a basic mathematical competence. This course focuses on three central topics, logic, computation, and formal language theory, which are related via the lambda calculus.

Class Material

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Course Information

Lectures TR 1:30-2:50, Cobb 106
Office Hours by appointment
Readings Notes and papers will be made available throughout the course.
Homework There will be regular homeworks. The purpose of the homeworks is to reinforce material discussed in the lecture, as well as to introduce concepts which could not be covered.
Exams and Grading There will be two take-home midterms, and a take-home final. The midterms will be handed out around Oct 13 and 27, and will be due after the weekend. The final is due at the end of finals week. The midterms will each be worth 20% of your grade, and the final is 40% of your final grade. The remaining 20% will be determined on the basis of your participation in class.

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